How Much To Spend On Groceries

Groceries are expensive. We have to buy them so our question is, “How much to spend on groceries?” Right? The last thing we want to do is spend more than we have to. What Others Spend In 2020, the average American family spent $63,036 in one year. That’s a lot right? Where did all this … Read more

The Best Budgeting Category Percentages

When you start budgeting, you might ask; What’s the right amount to spend on groceries? What about clothes/makeup? What are the best budgeting category percentages? So many questions, so many answers, let’s stick with the basics. Because in the end, your budget SHOULD BE BASIC. If your budget starts getting complicated, you’re doing something wrong. … Read more

Are You Taking The Necessary Steps To Become Financially Successful?

How to become financially successful

How often do you ask yourself; What’s the secret to financial success? How can I become financially successful? The answer is easier than you think. First, let’s focus on today’s reality. Unfortunately, this is the case for many Americans today. In a recent 2019 survey, it showed that 59% of Americans are living paycheck to … Read more