How Much To Spend On Groceries

Groceries are expensive. We have to buy them so our question is, “How much to spend on groceries?” Right? The last thing we want to do is spend more than we have to. What Others Spend In 2020, the average American family spent $63,036 in one year. That’s a lot right? Where did all this … Read more

What Is The Stock Market?

The stock market allows people and businesses to buy and sell stocks. The stock market is not one location or has a physical location.  When you hear someone talk about the stock market, they are talking about how stocks as a whole are performing. The stock market is a summary of the thousands of stocks … Read more

What Exactly Is A Stock? | Easy Explanation

You are thinking about investing, you keep hearing about Tesla, or you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to build wealth. However, you’re asking yourself, What exactly is a stock? You might have learned about stocks in high school or college but then totally forgot. I remember my economics teacher always had the news … Read more