About Me

Welcome to Budgeting In Blue!

My mission is to help you become financially successful and independent.

We will start by creating a budget that works for you.

A budget should be clear and manageable.

Once you have a budget and understand your financial position, start setting goals.

Your goal can be; I want to save 25% of my income, I want to pay off my mortgage in 10 years, or I want to retire in 15 years.

Goals will be different for everyone but it’s important to have them.

A little bit about me…

When I started working at 16, my mom always told me to save but I never did. As soon as I got paid, I would spend it, all of it.

I started getting serious about saving when I finished college at 22 with $43,000 in student loan debt.

It was overwhelming to say the least!

Fast forward to 29 and I was completely debt-free. In six years, I saved more than $100,000.

My budget has changed over the past few years now that I have a mortgage and it’s just me paying the bills.

However, I still save EVERY MONTH and feel more confident than ever because I have a clear budgeting plan.

Talk soon!